“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” – Oscar Wilde


A work of art is a collaborative effort. Each paint stroke is not only reflective of the artist, but the inspiration and collective moments leading up to the piece.


Skyler Ethan specializes in modern abstract art custom-made for your home, office, or retail location. While working closely with the client, Skyler Ethan will accommodate any style, color(s), and size to reflect the needs and personality of the client.


With over ten years of experience in art, Skyler Ethan utilizes unconventional painting methods to achieve unique, original, and irreplaceable works of art. The paintings are created with a heavy usage of mediums and solvents in conjunction with alternative application tools.  Skyler Ethan's signature Epoxy Resin finish creates a glass like surface to produce a sleek and modern painting.


With promises to bring beauty and balance in your home, Skyler Ethan looks forward to working closely with you to make your artistic desires come to life.


Please feel free to contact Skyler Ethan with any questions or orders you may have: